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Police Academies

Police Academies in the USA

Criminal Justice OnlineHello! My name is Ryan and I'm a retired police officer. I would like to briefly explain why I made this website about Police Academies.

I started my career off as a sheriff's deputy where I worked in a jail facility for several years. Later, I left the sheriff's department and became a police officer in a bigger city. I started like many people, as a patrol officer first and later a detective in the criminal investigations division of my department. As a result of my shift from the Sheriff's Dept to a Police Dept, I had to attended an academy twice. As many people in law enforcement already know, this would not be the last time I would see the police academy. Throughout my career, I was often going back to the police academy for in service training and other training that I either wanted to attend or classes that I was strongly encouraged to attend (okay, forced to go to). Just like the original police academy that I attended, there were good times and some boring times in class. Not only did I go to my local police academy for training and sometimes instructing recruits, but I was often going to various police academies around the country in order to attend classes and to learn more about things that were not offered in my area. I wanted to make this website to make it convenient to find the many police/training academies in the U.S.A. This website is for those people who either have the hopes of becoming a police recruit one day, for those who are already law enforcement officers or people that want to attend a citizen's academy in their home town. Thank you for visiting and please contact us at the email at the bottom of this page.

Stay Safe!

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